Issue with Read Between Pages

I am trying to read through specific pages of my PDF document.
I have supplied the End_PageNo as 3 and the Start_PageNo as 2.
My PDF document has 4 pages in total
When I try to run my code, it comes up with a message stating:
“Read between pages: Start page number is greater than end page number”
Even though my start page number (2) is quite clearly smaller.
When I try to inverse this and enter 3 for the start page number and 2 as the end page number it also doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone know why?

Thank you ! :blush:

@indie9876 What Activity are you using ?

I am using the “Read Between Pages” activity

@indie9876 Can you send a Screenshot of the Activity? Also Try using Read PDF Text Activity to check if you are able to Read PDF using it.


This is what it looks like. It comes up with an error during run time stating that the start page number is larger than the end page number

Screenshot (3)

@indie9876 Can you use Read PDF text Activity and check if it Works :

You’ll need to install UiPath.PDF.Activities first