Issue with Macros

I am having a macro in excel file. When i execute that on completion it shows an pop-up(completed) but here issue is bot remain stuck at execute macro activity. How to fix this.

@Puneet_Singh1 i think macros running and it will take sometime. How much its taking time, did you calculate it

Its taking more than 10 mins

@Puneet_Singh1 after 10 mints it is moving to next activity or not?

No its remain over execute macro thats the main issue. we got complete macro popup but bot remain stuck over there.

Ok I have on more method.
Use excel scope application and pass path of file to it.
Save your macro code in text file.
Use invoke vb code activity inside scope and pass macro text file.
Run it.

ok i used parallel activity and it works. Thanks

If you got any help from my side please mark it so that others can get help from it.

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