Issue while invoking a workflow

Hello Uipath world,

I have a few uipath projects that I would like to run one by one. After hours of research, I figured out that invoking workflows was probably the best option. But I had a few issue with that. There are many errors in the invoked xmal file like this :


I only have 2 message box activities in this workflow and the error is :
Could not find type ‘DatabaseConnect’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 54, Column: 6

Could anyone explain to me why is it like this and what did I do wrong?

Thank you very much !

As per error it seems you used database activity in your workflow
Could we verify appropriate package is installed

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Hi @WilliamC

You need to install Database packages

Go to Manage Packages → All Packages → search for UiPath.Database.Activities-> Install-> OK

Hope this helps


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