Issue when reading a 18 character string


I have an excel file with columns A-Z.
I used an excel application scope and did a read range on it by using “” as the range and save it into a datatable.
I then do some processing on the data and write the same range to a sheet.

Column Q contains an ID number which is in either 14 digit or 18 digit. The format of the 14 digit ID is 11 random numbers in front and followed by -2020, while the 18 digit ID format is 11 random numbers in front and followed by -2002020. No calculations/changes should be made to Column Q.

My issues here is whenever I write the range back into a new excel sheet, the 18 digit string will always be ending with -2002000, it is supposed to be -2002020. The 14 digit ID has no issues at all.

I have tested directly reading the excel sheet into a Datatable and then adding a write range under it, the same issue still occurs.

Please help, thank you.

Hi @sushipack321 Welcome to forum :slight_smile:

Can you please share the screenshot of the column Q.?

Hi @Latika10011740, sorry for the late reply but column Q should be containing something like this

{1234567892002020, 9876543212002020,… etc}. The columns then become {1234567892002000, 9876543212002000,… etc}

I also noticed whenever I tried to read another column which contains values such as 0.000045, it becomes 0.00004 when I rewrite it into a new excel worksheet. Does this mean read range ignores strings/values that are too long/too far off decimal places?


Anyways here is the screenshot, finally got access to the file