Excel drops the last digit

I’m writing a datatable to excel however, one of the columns contains 16+ digits. When I view the contents in UiPath (through output dt > write line) the full value is shown. When i write it to Excel though, it drops the last few digits within the cell.

I’ve tried formatting the column to text in Excel (before the values are written) but it still cuts off. I also tried appending an apostrophe in UiPath to force the value into a string however, no luck.

Any other ideas?

Figured this one out, so in case any one has the same error:

Just after using ‘Get row item’ within UiPath, assign a var to the string: i.e. strValue = “'” + strValue
Then, within Excel (to ignore the ‘number stored as txt error’) write a small macro i.e:
Range(“B:B”).Application.ErrorCheckingOptions.NumberAsText = False

There is probably a much easier way but it works :slight_smile: