Issue when Migrating to UiPath 2018

Hi there!

We are having an issue after we migrated to the latest version of Studio.

Basically, we are unable to serialize any data - having the below error message:

UiPath.Core.Activities : Failed to create a ‘TargetType’ from the text ‘ej:JsonConvert’.

I have a spare machine where I rolled back to the previous version of UiPath and the same code still works … so I can only assume that some dll have been moved in the upgrade and they are not correctly referenced anymore.

I also tried to create a variable of type Exceptionless.Json.JsonConvert and the error message said: Cannot create unknown type:


Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Hi @markdi

Did you manage to solve the issue?

Hi Ovi,

Yes, it seems that there is a kind of a bug when using different packages at the same time.

Just unistall UiPath.Terminal.Activities package, close studio, open it again and it should works!

Let me know if you need more information.

Thank you!

Yes, we are investigating this one, I just wanted to make sure you found a workaround.


Thank you! :slight_smile:

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