Issue - Job stopped with an unexpected exit code 0xE0434352

Studio version:
Studio Pro 2020.10.2 - 10/23/2020
Community License
EXE Installer

License Provider: Orchestrator
Activation ID:

Update Channel: Stable

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.8 or later

Scenario in which you are reproducing this issue: Test script reading an excel with 8 lines and checking the data with information on the screen.

Any chance you could create a dummy Excel file and send over a sample new project that reproduces the issue with such dummy file?

Hello @loginerror,

this occurs very often and is a show stopper.

Do you have an update on this issue?

Thanks for your feedback in advance!

@aaydin @Jhana.Horacio

Would you mind providing some logs using our:
(you can find it in your Start menu)

Please send them over by a private message to me @loginerror

It would also be nice to have a sample project that causes the issue. It is most likely related to some memory limitations.

Hi @loginerror,
I hope it helps you to analyze this problem.

I found a solution.
If you enter an empty range in Read Range Activity, then it works. Otherwise error occurs.

(in both cases I used the same sheet with over 11000 lines and columns from A to U)


Hi @aaydin

Could you try updating your Excel activity package in case it is not the latest version?

Annoyingly this fixed my issue too. The file type I was reading was an XLS so I’m not sure if it was actually having an issue of trying to convert to XML etc. But thanks @aaydin as this is me sorted!

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Did you get any updates to this? I’m also receiving this error inconsistently with the same source file.

UiPath v2020.4.1 (but there is a planned upgrade to v2020.10 later this month)
Excel Package 2.9.5

Excel sheet has 109K rows, but the Read Range of the sheet with “” is successful, but when I use Read Range with “A1:B”+lastrow (variable lastrow set via Assign), the activity errors with unexpected exit code 0xE0434352.

I’ve tried to add in a delay of 15 seconds thinking that if it was memory related, it might clear but that was inconsistently successful.

EDIT: @aaydin Thank you for your suggestion above. Based on what you provided, I removed the Read Range “A1:B”+lastrow that was giving me the issue and instead filtered the data table provided by my Read Range “” to remove the blank rows.

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Hi [vikashkumarvivek00],

Hope you get the Solution, i hope you have tried several points like delays and all, So here i have few suggestions as well i mentioned below:

  1. First kill excel in your code using kill excel activity - “/im excel.exe /f”
    2)Avoid reading excel with empty range means in “Read Range Activity” must pass any range e.g. if suppose you think that data might be “A1:M800” most of the time then try to use “A1:M10000” and the remove empty rows using data table filter
  2. Kill the excel again , Use the data from data table.

I am pretty much sure it will work!!