Issue Connecting to Azure App Registration via UiPath Custom Connector (OAuth2)

Hi there

I’m trying to set up a UiPath Custom Connector API which will connect to an Azure App Registration via OAuth2 with PKCE.

I have managed to successfully build and publish the connector.
I can create a connection to it using my Microsoft login and it all says Connected.

My issue is that as soon as I click ‘Check Connection’ or try to use the connection in UiPath Studio, I instantly get an error that I need to fix the connection.

When I click Fix Connection and re-authenticate it goes back to ‘Connected’ but then instantly disconnects again when I try to use it.

In Connector Builder, I am able to connect and use the connection before I publish it. It’s only after I publish the connector that I’m getting the disconnect issues.

Has anyone experienced this issue before?
I can’t find any documentation for anyone doing something similar so mostly learning as I go on this.


Are you trying to run it on a different account/machine or on the same account/machine where the connector was build?