isMatch/Matches deprecated?

Are Studio ‘Matches’ and ‘isMatch’ activities deprecated?
I look for them in the activity search and they don’t appear, even searching for them in the UiPath Docs search bar they don’t appear either.
I have even asked UiPath Academy support and they have not answered me other than asking in the Forum.
Some activities appear, with an icon like a puzzle piece that I don’t know, called ‘Find Matching Patterns’ and ‘Is Text Matching’, but they are not the activities that I have always used in Studio for Regex.


Find Matching PAtterns-Matches

Is text matching-is Match


Hi @Antonio_Perez

Find Matching Patterns is the new name for Matches

Is Text Matching is the new name of Is Match


Hi @Antonio_Perez

You can find more information on below documentation:

Is Text matching

Find Matching patterns



The activity name of IsTextMatching is IsMatch (UiPath.Core.Activities.IsMatch).
So, the display name was changed, however activity itself is same. The same goes for Matches activity.



OK, these activities replace the previous ones, because I remember that they were a little different besides just changing the name.

Thank you all very much for the time spent in answering me.

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