IsMatch activity

Hi!!! Can anybody help with activity IsMatch?
For example I want to match one word in a sentences, when I put exact word it find correctly. But when I give parameter it doesn’t work. Because my search word may change that’s whay I need give parametre.

isMatch will return a Boolean value i.e True or False

Yes I know it. My problems is next
By using activity Matches I get f.e name of Customers from reading pdf-file.
Then this customer name I have to check in another List or pdf-file if there is have or no.
But even if the Customer name has in file they return me false.
Use both
System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(file_text, customer_name).
2)Activity Is Match

@r_Talant If the customer_name is just a customer name as a String and not a Pattern, then you don’t necessarily need to use IsMatch Method.

You can try using the Contains method of String in this way :


If it is case sensitive, you can convert both the inputs to a lower or upper case and then compare:


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