Is there something wrong with my bot build?

Essentially I have my master file. And what the bot is doing is adding tabs to the master file with information, and saving this as a new file with the same name but adding the date at the end. How do i find the new file with the date at the end to attach it to the email? see below:

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In this situation, I would assign your path to the correct string before saving the file. You could then use the same variable in both the Save Excel File As activity and the Send Email one :slight_smile:

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Before saving the file save the name of the file In a variable
And use that variable in SAVE AS and in ATTACHMENT properties as @loginerror suggested


I am not familiar with variables for studiox. Could you explain further?

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Could you explain further on what you mean by assign the path to the correct string? I am new to the use of variables.


Please check this

In studio it is assign while in studioX it is called as Save for Later

Where in your current flow before to SAVE EXCEL FILE AS activity use the above mention save for later activity
And create a name to hold that value and pass that filepath with date as input value

Now you can keep the SAVE EXCEL FILE AS activity and mention the above created variable in save as file property
Then use the same mail activity and mention again the save variable name as input for attachment


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i tried doing that and it still didnt work. do you see any errors here? i also tried the full path too

I tried this and it still did not work. Do you both see anything wrong?