Is there any way to clear the cache, cookies & History for Edge Browser

Facing problem after frequent Logins, we need to login into a Application using the Edge browser, after logging we need to make few update and complete the Transaction.

The Web Application that we are using is having some issue so we need to clear the cache ,previous session history & cookies on regular time intervals. When we were working with IE we have a found an easy way to clear them using the Bat File, but that Bat file is not working for Edge.

I have added the bat file command for IE, is there any command same like that for Edge also.

<RunDll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 4351>

Any suggestion will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance, Harsha


Check below thread for your reference

Hope this may help you


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Have you considered using private browsing so the cookies are not saved etc? Its often much easier than needing to deal with a browser that has a bunch of cookies and history saved.

No I have not used and not acceptable as per organizational guidelines.

How strange… you have company policy that means you cannot open an inPrivate window in Edge?
I have never heard of that and wonder what practical purpose a policy like that could serve but ok.

I have checked but is there any way to Open the Incognito directly when the browser is opened(using UiPath- Open Browser).
In our entire organization we have never run any Automation in Incognito mode just having a doubt will they approve or not.

Ok, it makes more sense that you assumed it was blocked (I’ve worked in places where they basically tie your hands and feet together and you cannot do anything :stuck_out_tongue:) but, there isn’t actually any policy.

Glad you are willing to try this out.
Its super easy to open a browser incognito, its simply an option when you use the ‘Open Browser’ activity

Each browser has its own version, Chrome calls it Incognito, Edge I think is ‘InPrivate’.
Something you need to sort aswell is the default settings on the UiPath extension.
I think its by default etc that extensions are disabled in incognito, otherwise it can defeat the point of a private browser if your extensions are recording you, however you can choose to enable any extension, such as the UiPath one.

Incognito is an absolutely great tool.
For example in my libraries, unlike other people I’ve seen, I never bother checking to see if I am logged into a website when I open the site / login. If I’m incognito I am not logged in so I have one simple flow instead of a branching path I’ve seen others do where maybe I’m logged in, if so I need to validate if its the correct user or not and then log out and log back in again with the correct one etc. Its such a pain, I prefer to keep things simple and linear when possible.

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