Filtering in /odata/jobs?

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I’m trying to create an automated overview of job runtimes, average runtime, success rate etc. by creating a dashboard in Tableau.
For this i need to get all jobs. Here i’ve used an Orhestrator HTTP Request for getting all jobs:

However, it has a limit of 1000. This is fine, but i am unable to define from what date i want it to get jobs, so it just takes from first run job + 999 jobs ahead. This means i get jobs run in 2020 untill 2021. I would like to get everything, so i’m looking for a way to specify my HTTP request, so that i can run in through multiple times to get all jobs ever started.

Anyone who can guide me towards a solution?


Please try using filters on time …they look something liek this

$filter=TimeStamp ge 2023-01-22T02:00:20.043Z.

For more details on api please check the swagger files

Get swagger by appending swagger/index.html to your orchestrator url


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Thank you very much @Anil_G.

I succeeded in getting everything by defining the “StartTime”, like so:

$filter=StartTime ge 2023-01-22T02:00:20.043Z

Looping through with Do While untill StartTime=Now.

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