Is there any date converter which converts AD to BS?

hello everyone,
I have a process where i have to use nepali date (BS). is there any date converter to converts date from AD to BS .
I have found some packages but they done have enough instructions how to use them ?


Please check this

Try this let input date is 1/8/2022

Npdate = datetime.Parseexact(inputdate,"M/d/yyyy",System.Globalization.cultureinfo.Invariantculture).Addyears(56).Addmonths(8).ToString("yyyy/MM/dd")


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Hi @Prabin_Chand

Try this function:

Date = datetime.Parseexact(‘Your input date’, “M/d/yyyy”,System.Globalization.cultureinfo.Invariantculture).Addyears(56).Addmonths(8).ToString(“dd/MM/yyyy”)

Kaviyarasu N

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its not showing proper date.

Its not showing proper date


Can you please tell what is not proper?


I did tried to convert my Date of Birth to BS but the output result is incorrect.

Output is incorrect .

Output must be : 20/04/2055


Please try this


But there would be 3 days =/- exact difference could not be found


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