Change date English format to Indonesian format date

hello automate,

how to change date english format to indonesian format in uipath? the case is like this :
i want to write cell date from datamaster to destination, another file excel. but, if i create to output destination, the date format is english. and i want change automation to indonesian date format.

anyone help me for this issue?

@Aditya_Nugroho - Please provide your share the sample input and output you would like to see?

input :

output :

@Aditya_Nugroho - Can you please try this…

DateTime.ParseExact("March 31, 2021","MMMM dd, yyyy",CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).tostring("dd/MM/yyyy")    

if you preserve format, then the above code should work…

if not try the below

DateTime.ParseExact("March 31, 2021","MMMM dd, yyyy hh:mm:ss",CultureInfo.InvariantCulture).tostring("dd/MM/yyyy")

Hope this helps…

done. and then i have an error message.


@Aditya_Nugroho - please show us the screenshot of the workflow from which this error message came from…


Can you change format of col manually, then read worksheet? if works then implement this step in bot.