Bulk Exporting Transaction Data From Orchestrator

What are the best ways to bulk export transaction data from Orchestrator or why is the exported transaction report missing data?

Orchestrator allows to export the transaction data via the "Export" option in the Transactions page for the desired queue.

However, sometimes the entire transactions data may not be visible in the exported CSV file due to massive number of entries. This is owing to the fact that IIS has certain limits on the amount of data that can be exported. (More information on Request Limits here)

In such a scenario, there are a few workarounds that can be potentially helpful:

  1. API Calls: The first way would be to leverage API calls. Leverage a QueueDefinition GET call (last one in the image below) for this.

Refer to the below resources to know more about API calls:

  1. UiPath Insights: The other way to report the transactions would be to leverage UiPath Insights which is the analytics and reporting tool offered by us. The Queues template provided within Insights has vivid information on transactions (Sample screenshot below). Customize this as required. More information below:

  1. Database: As far as the database is considered, the queue and transaction specific data can be found in the below tables within the Orchestrator database and would have to be fetched using custom SQL queries.