Is there a way to capture a proper screen shot in ui path?

Hi All,
we tried to capture the screenshot from a web page using take screenshot activity in ui path as per our client requirement. In this case we have a large box on web page so while capturing the screen shot and captured screen shot is not looking good because in screen shot coming “Window Toolbar” .

Also we have tried with specified region screenshot and same problem is there.


@ajay.kumar I guess you can change the windows taskbar settings for that :sweat_smile:

@supermanPunch this is not good way and in case i off this one despite it wll not able to take complete screen shot…because it is hiding below of the task bar.

@ajay.kumar if you are able to identify that large box then specify the target element to get it captured and then use clipping region if needed.
Target.ClippingRegion - Defines the clipping rectangle, in pixels, relative to the UiElement, in the following directions: left, top, right, bottom. It supports both positive and negative numbers.

@ajay.kumar Can you show us the full content that you want to get captured by the Screenshot?