Is there a reliable way to sign .pdf?


Is there a reliable way to sign a .pdf in Kofax or Adobe?

All the .pdf are the same type of file but the signature line is in a different place on the forms. The issue is that depending on the where the signature line is, the “ctrl idx” changes. I need someway to figure what the idx is before signing the .pdf to make the solution more accurate.

Is it possible to make the idx dynamic? I have tried using the “*” but then it highlights the whole document. I have tried using the Anchor Base but I have not had any success with it.

So far I can only make the automation work using the “Click Image” activity but it is very unreliable. It is not consistent when I switch monitors/resolutions .

I am using Studio 2021.4.3

Any help would be appreciated.

This is my first post so please let me know if I missed anything.

Hi @Harlem
is there any specific element near to signature field by which we can figure out the signature?

Yes but I have the same “idx” issue with all the elements I can anchor to. They are always changing.

The “red” boxes are elements that I are recognized using OCR or Click activity.

I am using Kofax f or this solution.