Is there a condition like isNotNumeric?

hello, I need to check for datatype of a variable. I want to ensure the variable is of not anything but integer. I know it works using an if/do while using condition isNumeric(variable) . but i need to ask the user input continuously if the condition fails and break out of do while loop if condition passes. but i’m stuck!

Yes that’s possible
The sequence would be like this
—now use a Do While loop like this
Not IsNumeric(Str_input)
And inside the loop
use INPUT DIALOG BOX activity and get the output with a variable of type string named str_input
And define the variable str_input in variable panel with default value as string.empty

—so now the user will be asked for correct input until it’s numeric
Cheers @Srikavya_n

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thankyou. that was a simple and a good solution