Check variable is numeric

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i have a variable that is storing numeric value, how can i check that the variable is storing the value?


Check This in the IF condition - If True - Means the varaible is storing a Numeric Value.

Edit :

Use like This :


Debug workflow and in local Window you can see stored data for the particular variable


Can you try the following expression in If condition?



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i have followed what you have said but i am getting an error

@mukeshkala the variable is string however when i change it to integer i get even more errors

What is the Error ? Can you hover over the blue icon and see the error ?

yeah sure, please see below


Try IsNumeric(WRNumber.ToString)

@nick.v - pls try strVariable.IsNumeric


topman thank you @GBK

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… Still getting the same error
Can anyone help me on this

@Sharmistha_Kundu Try the IsNumeric at the end of the expression :

Currently : IsNumeric(yourExpression)

Change it to : (yourExpression).IsNumeric

Check if it works.

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Perfect, Works fine
Thanks You

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So simple, so helpful! Thanks :slight_smile: