Is Match querry

i want to create one use case
The problem is I have excel file in that excel file item no colunm is there and in that colunm multiple item no and i have one application in that application item no colunm
so i want to match item no that present in excel file as well as application item no colunm
and those item part are in application item no colunm but not in excel file those item no we have to delete
so please help me how to design this case

i am getting confused with your query please can you explain with the images. like input table and output?


in general it looks like search a value (the “NO” - Number) in a list of values hold on a datacolumn
do this check for all rows.

as the name “no” and the term no for negitation can confuse, so we would recommend also to bring the case description into a more clear format. Thanks for support

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look i havev one excel file in that file multiple item numbers
and one application is there in that application multiple item numbers also presnte
so the item numbers are in excel file those item numbers i want to match with application item numbers
And those item numbers are not match then we have to delete it

May i know what is application? and how that application being used in studio?

can you show us the input image? if possible


Application name is SAP
no sir i can’t show you image because some privacy issues
please understand the problem properly
for eg-
i have two list of item numbers
1st list is A and 2nd is list B
so i want to match both list to each other
the item no are present in list A and B then okay
but if some item no are present in list A but not in list B so that miss matching row we have to delete thats it

give me the solution please