Is it possible to run query to restore SQL database via UI Path?

Hi guys, is it possible to run query to restore SQL database via UI Path as it’s non-query?
I am newbee to UI Path, tried connection to SQL DB and run SQL query.


Yes, It is possible.
First you need to install below package.

Secondly you need configure your connection with SLQ DB, use wizard mode and thing will be much easier.
Once you have a connection string, execute your query via, see below

Thank you so much Lakshay, what if I need to restore log files to another directory on server?
I am actually trying to make it a daily job so the DB can be restored automatically everyday at mid-night.
The daily backup file is named: DB-timestamp.bak, how can I modify the query as the backup file would have different name everyday.
Any wildcard syntax in this case?


You can keep files either on a Shared drive and access it from different location or via
one drive

DatabaseName=“DB-”+now.tostring(“dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm”)
This will give you a dynamic name using time stamp.

Other way is to read from folder i.e.

This will give you collection of files.
Iterate through it, use a condition to pick one of those dynamic file


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Thanks so much @Lakshay_Verma !
Will give it a try first!
Good day!

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Good Day mate :slight_smile: