Is it possible to put multiple executable testcases together in one Report? - ReporterForUiPath Package

Hello there,
Currently we I am using the package ReporterForUiPath from @vicky_ingole_13 for creating reports of my testcases. After every execution of a testcase a report gets generated, like I am expecting. But I have around 10 testcases which should be executed seperatly. At the end I want to sent only one Report with all testcases to the customer. How can I achieve that? (one Report with multiple testcases)
regards, Gani

Add start test case activity and step status activity in every test cases files then create another file named “Reports”

  1. Add create report activity.
  2. Add Test Suite Activity
  3. Add Invoke workflow files one by one and set the path of each test cases files.
  4. Last run your report test cases, it will add all test cases status in one report.

Hi @Waqqas_Siddique , thanks for your answer and sry for my late reply.
This ‘workaround’ is helpful but regarding, using the orchestrator at the same time and the included ‘testset’ concept there, this isn’t such a clean solution to this problem. We want to use the functionality of the orchestrator (showing if a testset / testcase is sucessfull) and this package at the sametime. Meanwhile we are considering to use the testmanager for reporting purpose and to show to customers.

thanks and regards, Gani