Is it possible to do RPA freelancing?

Hello, I am looking to become an RPA freelancer, but I have some doubts due to the nature of UiPath.

  1. How do you work remotely? Do you use remote software? VPN? What sort of tools do you all recommend for me to access a client’s desktop remotely? How do I secure my work when it comes to payment? Say I do 50% upfront. and 50% finish, how do I keep control of the remaining work before I get paid the final installment?

  2. What are the actual deliverables? The XAML/JSON files?

  3. How does licensing workout? Does a client absolutely need Orchestrator?


Sorry I am not able to answer your question
Let me ask you where you find freelance work

@eccprog, More or less I have same questions in my mind. May be @loginerror can help us to get answers.

@Lahiru.Fernando, Any idea?

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Hi @eccprog @Bhavik_Solanki

I can give some insights on this one.

We can work remotely without any issue with UiPath. So if you are to work as a freelancer, we need to work with the company to get a few things in place.

General stuff like getting the agreements signed etc… So, along with that, check with them what kind of VPN systems they use so that they can provide those for you.
Once you get the VPN setup, you can use RDP (Remote Desktop) or Remote Desktop Manager to access the clients machines. In that machine, you can have your work environment setup and work there remotely.

So all your work you do, will be saved in that machine and it will also make sure their security policies are also met.

Payment - that you have to come to an agreement with the company/ manager that you are working with and decide whats the best way for both parties.

The deliverables will be, the automation project solution files, and any other files/documents that are needed for the requirement. You might also need to come up with a user manual and a solution design document for the automation project that you are doing as a part of your deliverables.

Licesing - in the case where you are working remotely in their remote machine provided by the customer, licensing cost will actually be handled by them. In any case, if you have a requirement where you need to work on your machine as well, you can use the community version which is free. But keep in mind to have your dependencies of the project downgrated and matched with the enterprise version. Else, it might cause problems when you integrate later.

Regarding the Orchestrator, it is not mandatory to have it. The need of the orchestrator actually comes in along with their requirement. So, if they don’t have an Orchestrator, always focus on starting up with a attended bot without the orchestrator. However, after analyzing the requirement, if the orchestrator is really needed to support the automation need, then you need to ask them to purchase it. But if you can handle it through attended bot, and no need unattended btos for the time being, always go ahead with the attended one.

I hope I answered all the questions you had… Feel free to ask anything if you need more clarifications


Thanks very much @Lahiru.Fernando. This is precisely I was looking for. :slight_smile: :+1: