[Career Path - UiPath - Can RPA be outsourced ?]

Hi everyone,

I have worked in Automation Tool - UiPath for 6 months. Before that, I also had 6 months for developing web in Ruby on Rails.

I wonder whether the automation jobs - like using UiPath, have outsource jobs ?

Currently, I’m working for a Jap company, and they just hire very few people to automate the internal web systems, excel files, pdf, citrix, … . And because most of the automation jobs are related to the internal web systems of the company so it’s very secure. It seems like most of the automation jobs cannot be outsourced.

In the future, I will come back to my country. But I want to utilize my salary by working in some Japanese companies relating to RPA in my country.

I wonder whether the automation jobs - like using UiPath, have outsource jobs ?

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Hi @sonminator

I’m sure more experienced users can provide more insight here, but I feel like in today’s world it should not be an issue.

Obviously, a physical presence can sometimes be necessary, but at the core all you need to automate the process is remote access to the machine with Studio on it.

I hope some users who work for consulting companies could shine some light here.


Good morning @sonminator,

There should be no problem outsourcing RPA projects.

Our department’s main focus is RPA CoE consultation and bot development (+ maintenance) for other companies. Many companies (especially at the start of their RPA journeys) need outside help until they’re able to develop, hire, and train internal team members.

To @loginerror’s point, remote access is really all you need to develop the processes for other companies unless they have strict security requirements that you develop solely using their machines.


Thanks million, bro :slight_smile:

Actually I’m considering between UiPath and web development. Thanks for such valuable information !

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