Variable Best Practice? - Config Vs. Orchestrator

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I was wondering if there are any best practices around where to store variables for a process in the REF? Should you put them in the config file or is it better to put them all in Orchestrator? I can think of good reasons to go either way, but I’m wondering if there is a best practice or some sort of standard out there?


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Both has its own advantages buddy
Can be used based on the scenario
—config file can be used if other fellow developers of that process doesn’t have access to orchestrator and if they want to update any value of a variable present in a excel file (which is used as a config file) then we can use that method
—when some one doesn’t have a network but would like to use his studio with some input variables and values then config file can be used
—some would say like if we mention in config file and later if we want to make any changes in that then we need to republish the file whole project itself
NOT SO…because we need to republish only if we mention the relative path of that config file
If we have mentioned full path of that config file in the process then we don’t need to republish after making any changes in the file

—and orchestrator can be used if other fellow developer doesn’t have access to the files of the project then the input variables can be mentioned or stored in ORCHESTRATOR so that they can even make changes globally
—the advantage here is we can assign specific value to specific robot while creating assets

I might have missed few kindly share your thoughts as well

Cheers @s3vn

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@s3vn - please check out the replies here, as this is a common question and all the replies are still relevant: When to use assets or a config file