Is Elastic Search necessary for gets Logs in Orchestrator?

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I need a small suggestion, As I am installing Orchestrator in our Non-Production environment, Just for monitoring the Logs and test scenarios. So, Is there any need of installing and configuring Elastic search?

My requirement is just want to view logs and trigger jobs from the orchestrator. So for this do we need to configure Elastic search?

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Hi @Rahul_Jawahirani,

Short answer: NO

For starters Orchestrator logs are more than enough. All execution logs triggered from connected studios / attended / unattended robots will be visible in Orchestrator.
You can later ingest these logs to any visualization software. So when you are installing orchestrator you do not need to worry about configuring Elastic Search.

Post Installation:
When you install Orchestrator you will find a web.config file in IIS which you can later configure. Lets say you want a custom log or want to link your elastic search or send logs to a new SQL database. These can be updated in the web.config file and when you restart the IIS website these will take effect.

If you are further interested to fully use custom logging functions using NLog and use visualization tools for dashboards, I have a write up on it in this thread : Logs - ElasticSearch - Help / Insights - UiPath Community Forum

Hope this clarifies your doubts.

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Thank you, My doubts are clear now.


Rahul Jawahirani

We have installed Kibana mainly visualization (of course) but also to avoid the UiPath Logs Database explode.
Having maintenance in Production became time consuming to us, so when you have Kibana, at least this issue mitigated because the logs are not stored anymore in the Logs datatable, which can give to you and your team free mind to focus on projects and less on maintenance.

We had many bad experiences with Logs Database exploded.

Then it helped a lot.

Good luck on your journey

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