Invoking Python Script Won't bring Any Result or Any Error


I am invoking python script using Python activities in UiPath Studio but it doesn’t throw any error or execute the file.

I am using: python 3.10 version
My script is very simple. A function taking string and return it. For testing purpose
My script works on Visual Studio Code or other IDLE.
I have tried to select Auto and python >= 3.10 as python version in UiPath Studio but both won’t work.
I have verified that python is already added to Path.

Please see the picture below

Which activity is it getting stuck at? If you’re unsure can you add log messages between those activities to confirm. Can you also share your python script?

Hi @moosh

The whole python application scope won’t do anything. No error nor any return.

My python script is very simple one just for testing purpose.

def test_fun(name:str):
    return "Hi " + name


Installing python 1.10 and installing .NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.17 link resolved my problem.

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