Invoke Workflow yields Could not find part of a path [SOLVED]

Hi, I started doing the ‘Level 3 - Advanced Automation’ UiDemo practice assignment to learn more about REFramework. The current step I’m on wants me to make a Test.xaml that invokes the InitAllApplications.xaml which then Invokes my UiDemoLogin’s workflow (pictured). After running from the test.xaml, it gives this error message once it reaches the Invoke Workflow File activity in the InitAllApplications (pictured):

I’m not sure what I did wrong for the file path. Are there special rules to keep in mind when filling in a file path to the workflow? The red box around it means that there is something wrong with it, right?

Thank you and I appreciate any help and ideas to fix this!

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To invoke the “UiDemo_Login\Main.xalm” workflow, you need a full file path (absolute path) to it, not the relative path. The relative path only works on the current executed project.


Hi @AndreMercier4

Could you post a screenshot of the project structure?

You can simply drag the workflow file from the “Project” tab in the left pane. The studio will automatically create a Invoke Workflow activity and fill in the path.

If you calling a workflow that’s not part of the project or is stored outside this project directory, you have to give it’s full path.

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That was it. Thanks!

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