Invoke workflow file - Duplicate error - VisualBasicValue`1_1

I’m having a problem with one invoke workflow file activity.

It’s giving me the next error:
Invoke Workflow File: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: VisualBasicValue`1_1

These are the argument I’m sending through the invoke:

And the values doesn’t matter. I’ve tried from the beggining of the process and from this activity execution and with values and without values is the same response.

Do you know what could be the problem?

Hi @KevinDS ,

I believe the error is already recorded and a fix is provided. Check the below post on the Error fix :

We might have to edit your xaml file using a Text editor and remove the duplicated key. But before performing this, make sure you try to open and close the workflow and check again.

Also check if it only happens during Debug.



Hope this detailed guide on what to do would help in mitigating this error



Thank you guys!

You were right.

I’d solved this issue opening the .xaml files in notePad++

Then I search For “VisualBasicValue`1_” in all open documents.

Then I Saw all the duplicated “VisualBasicValue’1_” (In each file I’d saw for example VisualBasicValue’1_1 and another VisualBasicValue’1_1)

so I’d replaced every duplicated just changing the last number to a next number not duplicated in the same file. (Ex: “VisualBasicValue`1_2” )

Thank you again! :star_struck:


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