Invoke Workflow error after migartion from Windows_Legacy to Windows

In my project the workflow is invoked, and several arguments are passed to it. This was working fine in Windows Legacy. After migration I’m getting the error: “Invoke Workflow File: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: VisualBasicValue`1_1”.
Compilation is passed and the error appear during execution. Arguments in invoke activity are as follows
I have googled but find nothing. Any suggestions what I should check? I have no idea where to start my investigation :frowning_face:


We need to modify xaml file to remove key duplicate VisualBasicValue`1_1 using text editor.

Please see the following post in details.


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Thank you @Yoichi !
It is worked. I will never think about edit the xaml file in text editor.
I need increase my search skills as I didn’t find the topic you show me. Thank again!


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