Invoke Python Method: One or more errors occurred

Hi Friends,

I’m trying to run a python script using UiPath. But i’m facing error “One or more errors occurred” at Invoke Python Method activity.

Attached the xaml i have developed. (15.3 KB)

Note: I’m calling a function in python having three input parameters.

Kindly help.


I am dealing with the same problem

Hi @chandinid407 ,

This maybe a very late post suggestion, However, I think that the Problem was in the Python Code itself.

In the Invoke Python method, you did pass three parameters of Type String, String and Integer.

But in the Python Code, you called readlines() method as the parameter was supposed to be of a File Type.

We can make it work by Changing to split('\n') in the Code :

Also, as the return result is of the Type String, you would require to change the Type of the Get Python Object to String as well.

Hi, I am also facing the same issue. i have to pass 5 variables into my python code. 4 strings and 1 integer. But I am getting this error when integer is passed into Invoke python method.

Also, I am getting the same error. I am attaching my I am trying to run the script and get the output as a csv file. (578 Bytes)