Invoke Python Method activity

I am trying to pass two generic variables under the input parameter of this activity, but getting an error.

Please let me know how I can pass parameters in this activity. This only takes input in the form of (IEnumerable)invokepythonmethod


What is the error you are receiving?

I am passing this argument: ((input_sentiment_entity), (input_number_of_sentiment)) but getting error: ‘)’ expected


It is worth looking at other lines in your python code as the compiler is stopping at that line. there may be a ‘(’ in the previous code and so ‘)’ is determined to be missing as there is an imbalance.

Hello Anchal,

I hope you found solution faster, but I also struggled with the same error.

The best way is to create IEnumarable variable and put you parameters in {}

and than put this IEnumarable Variable in correct


It worked for me :slight_smile: