Invoke python method

Invoke python method – in InputParameters unable to pass Dictionary variable (for the python script i need to pass dictionary as a parameter but when i am passing from input parameter i am getting saying that Error invoking python method)

I passed Dictionary to python as Json and converted back to dictionary in the script.


Input Paramerers:{JsonConvert.SerializeObject(dict_Input,Newtonsoft.Json.Formatting.Indented)}

Script Sampe :

import json
def foo(dictArg):
	jsonTodict = json.loads(dictArg)
	return "Length :" + str(len(jsonTodict))+ "| Value for Space Key : " + jsonTodict["Space"]

Thanks,Working … fine while implementing like this

and how to get the multiple returned values from python script into uipath (is get python object will work or not if is work please tell me some sample example)

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You could try sending a list or a tuple or a delimiter string from your python script. Just so you know the source code is open source on GIT and you can play around with it if you think the activity can be made better.


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