Invoke PowerShell commande

I try to write a command in PowerShell using the activity “InvokePowerShell”.
The commande work well when I do it by myself but not with UIPath.

I get the following error message :

  • […] is not reconize as a command applet name […]

I guess the probléme is about the doulble quote of my command.
I had them using “Chr(34)” around each of my path variables.

the commande is :

  • "Expand-Archive " & Chr(34) & STR_ActualPath & Chr(34) & " -DestinationPath " & Chr(34) & STR_DestinationPath & Chr(34)

Please let me know if you have some better solutions.
Best regard


Can you try to check IsScript option?


Thanks Yoichi, it’s the solution !!!

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