Invoke Method not working in 2018.3.0 community version release -

Hi All,

As per my requirement i need to zip the folder to achieve this i am using the invoke code where it is working earlier (2018.2.3) but after i migrated my uipath studio 2018.3.2 its giving error like below.

Invoke method: Could not load file or assembly ‘System.IO.Compression, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089’ or one of its dependencies. The located assembly’s manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)

i have already checked all the available topics on this but unfortunately i couldnt find the solution.

referred the below topics

did you try and restart your studio once or recreate the invoke activity?

I tried multiple times. But no use.
I tried in multiple machine as well

Hi @venkat4u

Have you tried contacting our Technical Support about this issue?
Could you also share a sample project? I would check if it works on 2018.4 (in case the issue was already fixed).

I haven’t contacted with your technical team. Will definitely contact tomorrow.
Will share the sample work flow

here you goCompressFolders.xaml (6.0 KB)

Hey @venkat4u

It is working perfectly fine…!!

Just check your namespace have you imported System.IO.Compression ?
crosscheck in your namespace import panel.


thanks for your reply. i already imported…

is working for you.?

may i know which version of uipath is working…

Hey @venkat4u

In both versions 2018.3.* and 2018.4.* as well :slight_smile:


wonder why it is not working in my machine…?
i also checked in my colleague machine as well.

is there any check i miss apart from the below mention. It will be very helpful

importing the reference - checked
Assembly reference in XAML file - checked
.net frame work is 4.6


Hi @venkat4u

It actually works for me as well.
I have an idea.

You provided us this sample file without any other .json file and when we open it, Studio needs to figure out what dependencies it will need, etc.

Could you maybe download your own example from the forum, place it in the separate folder, open the project and run it?
This would help debug the issue even further :slight_smile:

One solution to try would also be to remove the packages from this folder:
and let the Studio re-download them upon launch.


I already tried to take single xaml (which attached) into separate machine and tested but it did not worked. But I didn’t cleared the cache.
I will try and let you know.
I wonder why why my DLL are updated when my UiPath upgraded.(just suspect)

What is the location UiPath studio refer for this DLLS?

I think you should try emptying the folder:

It helped some users in similar situations, I believe. It would still be nice to get to the bottom of the issue. It seems that sometimes when you upgrade from earlier versions to 2018.3 or higher, the packages from that folder become corrupted (or not properly recognized).

Please give this solution a go (but keep a backup of the content of that folder). It might just work.

i removed the packages and tried to execute but still the issue persist.

Any update on this issue…

Hi @venkat4u

I hope new versions fixed the issue for you? :slight_smile:

hi @loginerror,

recently i updated my studio with latest version(2018.4.3) and its working fine.
I just want to check what is the issue. earlier when i script its working fine and after upgrade its failed and with new version its working again.

It is really hard to tell. In case you’ve contacted our support, it might be that the issue was spotted and fixed in the new version.

Hi i had the same issue and just found out that adding these two lines:
<sco:Collection x:TypeArguments=“AssemblyReference”>
in your xaml file fixed the issue. Seems that these assembly references were not added automatically in older UiPath version and but added now when you import System.IO.Compression namespace

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