Want to zip folder


I want to zip the folder in Uipath. How can I achieve this?

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Hi @saili try this activity. Zip UnZip Activities - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace



Script.zip (957 Bytes)
You can use invoke VBscript or bat file for that,
please find the attached “Zipper.vbs” and “RunZipper.bat”.

not able to find target type

Hi @saili
RPA Listings - Collections, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace
use above package

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ZIPfolder.xaml (4.9 KB)

May how did u add reference assembly " System.IO.Compression.FileSystem" to uipath
Because it doesnt show up though i have .net framework 4.8 in my machine

Posting answer if it anybody would need in future.
Solved the above problem asked by adding reference assembly into the xaml manually as seen in post

Assembly to be added