Invoke macro in Outlook


Is it possible to invoke a macro in Outlook through an activity in UIpath?. Similar to the way “invoke VBA” activity works for Excel.

Does anyone know of any custom libraries/packages that can do this?

Thanks In Advance

We have activities available to do all the tasks in outlook @daltaq, Is there any specific reason to use Macro?

I am trying to do the same thing.
The available activities clearly are not able do all the tasks.
Running a VBA code in Outlook is not possible without using the app interface.
Emptying the Deleted Folder is not possible without using the app interface.
And the list goes on.

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Unfortunately, you could run a macro only by using the Outlook interface.

  • Try using hotkey ALT+F8 to open Macros window and double click with a dynamic selector (with macro name as string variable in the element name).

  • To make sure your macro finished the execution you could add a message box inside the VBA code of the macro.

  • The robot would check if the message box exists and click ok or whatever button you configure.

Hope this helps.

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