Invoke Code only in Community Edition

How many here realize that the community edition allows programming directly in the flow diagram? To me, a script is essential in automation. Yet it is not available in the enterprise trial. Hopefully Invoke Code will soon be available in both versions. But every day it is not, time is spent with building cluttered workflows that are difficult to maintain.

While I agree with you that it’s an extremely wanted feature, we have to keep in mind that Community Edition users are essentially doing Beta testing before new features hit Pro version. While it is different than the usual MO (Pro users get features first), it allows for things in the paid version to be tested in the wild (at least in theory).

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Yes Agree …!! :wink:

I m expecting it will be available in Next version 2017.1.* if the product QA team did not found any bugs or issues with beta version of community edition but still once it will be live then we can say about issues if issues will come.



Thanks for the feedback guys :wink:

@badita when can we expect? any date… :pray:

Strange effect. I installed the UiPath platform updater. Now my enterprise trial has been replaced with the community edition version 2017.1.6365, but Invoke Code not available.

You’ll need to activate it. Can you update UiPath.Core?

I don’t know how to do that. Are you referring to a dll file?

From Manage Packages

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I was installed as version 2016 and would not update. I just had to uninstall and reinstall it. Invoke Code is now available.

I am very interested in use invoke code in the trial of Pro Version. But I have version 2016. How can I download a trial or beta of Pro version 2017?

Here we go.

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Portuguese tutorial

link to versions

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