Invoice/Receipts via AI/ML from UiPath into Excel or DB (3.4 MB) Maybe you find this Demo XAML useful. Just unzip and it’s ready to run.

My challenge was to get the results from Document processing into a structured data form, so I can further process it easily in e.g. SAP or Expense reports.

  • this workflow transforms invoices & Receipts (format does not matter, can be .PDF, TIF, JPG, …) into structured Excel Files
  • It follows the DOCUMENT UNDERSTANDING Framework: Digitize > Classify > Extract > Validate > Train Classifiers > Extract
  • The directory structure (and if containing files should be deleted ) is defined in the “Directory_structure.xlsx”
  • There is a boolean variable (Launch_validation) for launching Validation Station (or not) - false = batch job demo
  • Invoices & Receipts samples to be found in “documents\docs2process\samples” - just copy (some of) them one folder up and off you go!
  • Progress tracked in Output Window

API KEY - Maybe you need to get your own API-Keys from your Cloud-Service (License - other Tab) if “ML EXTRACT …” does not work:


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