Authentication Required for AI Receipts and Invoices Endpoints starting August 28th

Receipt & Invoice AI Preview Update & Downtime planned
Please note that we have updated the Receipts & Invoices community endpoints used by the Machine Learning extractor beta activities. From now on, and will require additional authentication.

You will need to update to the latest beta version of the activities and get your API keys from Cloud Platform Licenses page in order to continue using the Receipt & Invoices endpoints in your workflows:

  • Extract Semi-structure Document activity available in UiPath Go! here
  • MachineLearningExtractor activities pack available on Studio Beta feed (prerelease).

All cloud users will have to be authenticated, including the Community. You will need to sign in/up to Cloud Platform(, go to the Licenses page, and copy the API key from the Receipt and Invoice extraction Services, respective to the endpoints configured in your workflows.

Then, paste the API key into the activity of your workflows.