Invoice Present Validation Station - Set Language

Hello @loginerror , @Mina_Deckard , @alexcabuz ,@ovi and our community guys,

I am doing the invoice data extraction pdf. I have nearly (50*5) 250 pages. I am using the Present Validation Station to verify the each invoice. But the thing is , I am trying to set the default "Document language " as Portuguese. But I can not. I saw in the documentation that is having like below


Can you please tell me that how to set the default language.

Please share your experience related this.


Hi all,
I need a provision to select multiple text in UiPath Validation Station…


Maybe @Ioana_Gligan can help here :slight_smile:

Hello @balupad14,
you could update the ExtractionResults object coming out of the Data Extraction Scope, by doing an assignment similar to

automaticResults.ResultsDocument.Language = “por”

and it should work.

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To select multiple words in the Validation Station, use Click and then CTRL+Click on other words.

If the selection you want to make is continuous, you can use Click and Shift + Click to select all the words in the range from first to last, As they appear in the text version of the document.