How to create reusable component in 2018.2.3 version

How to create reusable component in 2018.2.3 version - Please assist


May I know what type of component do you want to create ?

Hello @lakshman In our project we are the integrating UiPath and snow.
I need to create an Reusable component for closing the ticket. so that we dont want to create separate workflow for every project


If you know creating custom activity then create custom activity and then install that package in which ever project you want to use it.

Else we can create reusable component using Library. Is there any option to create Library in your studio version ? If not then update it to latest version of UIPath studio and then use it.

Thanks @lakshman. In my studio i dont find any library option. unfortunately we will not able to upgrade the studio version.
apart from creating custom activity -do we have any other options coz am neither familiar with creating custom activity!!

please let me know from which version library option will be available


You can upgrade to any version after 2019.

Create one workflow with all those required activities and copy this work in which ever process and you want and then use Invoke Workflow activity to invoke that workflow.


Yes we are following the same invoke process. Thanks for your assistance.

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