Invalid UI Node with Click activity

Hello all,
I’m currently struggling with Invalid UI Node error while performing Click Activity.
Before Click Activity, I’m using Find Children activity.
My scenario is to use Find Children activity, and to click on each child for further actions.
Click activity for the first child is always executing well. On the second child, I’m getting the Invalid UI Node error.

  • Browser: Internet Explorer - Disabled protected mode within Internet Explorer Security Options
  • .NET Package: Up to date ( 4.3.x)
  • I have also uninstalled and installed UIPath again.

None of the answers from the forum could solve my problem.
Thanks in advance.

can you try computer vision activities.

I’ve tried that alternative as well, but CV Click Activity doesn’t have Item option, so I can’t assign values from For-Each Activity. Each element from Find Children Activity must be clicked in order to execute further actions.