Invalid Selector

Hello Guys,

Please help me on this…



Your selector is not valid one.

Share your selector here for better help. and describe what you are trying to do which is the target application.

I have a check box inside the dropdown i want to check the checkbox… while i am runninf i am getting this error…

“<webctrl aaname=’”+item.ToString+“’ />”


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Kindly include few more attributes along with aaname in that selector to make it more robust
and also for passing variable kindly have a view on this thread on how to create a varaible in selector

and make sure that we have value in the variable item.ToString

Cheers @suresh_kumar4

Sry @Palaniyappan still i am getting the same error…

Click ‘checkbox’: The selector is not valid

“<webctrl aaname=’”+item.ToString+“’ tag=‘DIV’ parentclass=‘multiselect-item-checkbox’/>”

i have used like this also… no luck … the same thing i have used before like i am getting the list in an Array after that i am looping it through for each …it works for me…

same thing i am doing in sepate project i am getting error…
i am getting the item in log … but while its reaching the activity… i am getting error.


Maybe this page on dynamic selectors will help?