Invalid Double Input

Hi guys, i using the Get Full Text activity to capture number containing decimals and store them in variable type “Double”

However, i am getting an error message saying that the value is invalid for a variable type “Double”.

@tlq453 Get Full text gets the text value from the Ui Element that is in the form of a String. You can change the Type of the variable to String and check. If you want to convert it to a Double, You can perform it in the Next Step using CDbl(yourGetTextValue).

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Hi, thanks for the assistance. i tried to convert it from string to double through the syntax you provided, and im faced with an error message "Conversion from “string” to type “double” is not valid. I tried looking on other forum pages for this type of error but did not managed to find anything fruitful. if you have any experience on this error, please help me out. Thanks


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