Cannot Save Data as Double from Get Text Function


Does anyone know why I can’t keep this value as double in my table?

It’s sometimes possible to read it as double but sometimes it says it cannot.

Thank you


Hi @Brandon_Halim

It is because in the get text, the value is extracted with the thousand separator. The comma is character, so the convertion to double will fail.

However, you can try the below code…

Double value = CDBL(YourGetTextValue)

If that doesnt work, you can replace the thousand separator with “”. Or else, the easy way out would be
Use the belo activity to get it converted to double



Thanks so much for the feedback. For the code “Double value = CDBL(YourGetTextValue)”, where might I input this?

Thank you.

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Hi @Brandon_Halim

usually when get text is obtained we will be getting the value converted as outargument which can be of any type…which wont have decimal points along with it
so to get those value as double
–get the output variable from the get text and save it to a variable named out_string
–now use a assign activity and mention like this
Double out_value = Convert.ToDouble(out_string)
now we can use out_value which is a variable of type double

Cheers @Brandon_Halim

Hi @Brandon_Halim

Your get text activity there will get the value as a string. So you can have an assign activity to do this in between the get text and add data row activities you have there…

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