Invalid Credentials after update with CyberArk

We updated a password in CyberArk last week and ever since the bot cannot login with the credentials. On the bot server we watch the bot perform the work and as soon as it tries the password, it displays invalid password.

Any ideas? Anyone with the same issue?

Can you provide more details about your configuration of CyberArk’s Vault and Credential/Account and that of Orchestrator App and host without revealing any sensitive information?

  1. Are you using the CyberArk AIM or CCP Plugin in Orchestrator?
  2. Can you provide the full error message? What is generating the error?
  3. Is this for a User/Robot Credential or is it an Asset Credential?

Assuming the only thing that was changed was the Password of the CyberArk Account, shouldn’t be an issue.

  1. Did the External Name / CyberArk Account Reference change?
  2. Did you use the Change/Rotate features of Cyberark to update the password?
  3. Is the Account/Platform/DeviceType for the account setup for CyberArk to update the target system/application/device?

We use the AIM Client with that we can use the Console to query CyberArk and test the connection between the Orchestrator Host and CyberArk without involving Orchestrator. That helps to narrow down if you should be looking at CyberArk, AIM Client, or Orchestrator. AIM Client keep a cache, so it is possible the cache hasn’t refreshed yet. If the Query is successful and gets the correct output, we know it is something in Orchestrator.

I haven’t personally used CyberArk CCP, I understand this to be an agentless REST API approach, fundamentally it is the same configuratin and setup on the Orchestrator with the exception of the dll you are using. In this case I would probably query through the REST API to see if I can the expected results.

Lastly if still having troubles I would log into the CyberArk PasswordVault Web UI and manually get the password and attempt to login to whichever remote system/application the credential is for and see if you have any issues with it being an invalid password.