Intuitive and Quicker means to access the Orchestrator API Settings


Reason for this feature request:

This is a request that’s a direct result of a troubleshooting session that I was having with a co-worker on Orchestrator APIs.

It took some time for the person I was helping to figure out where to access the API feature for the Orchestrator. Although I was able to help him, it wasn’t the most desirable of a situation where someone using Orchestrator APIs isn’t able to find where to get the API credential details from.

Feature Request:

It would be great to have the API icon move from the drop-down list (triggered by the ellipses), up to the Orchestrator Card. Current vs. Proposed illustration presented below:


thank you!



I was able to present this request at this Community Event. Please do watch the recording of this event when it comes out.

Thank you @Rohit_Radhakrishnan :slight_smile: :+1: