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Hello Ppl,
I Got this scenario in one of the interview ,
i had given two excel files
one was the YOB.xlsx where it contained empid,fname,lname,yob,gender
gender column didn’t had any data

second was Gender.xlsx where it contained empid,fname,lname,yob,gender
gender column had data

what should be the approach for these type of questions?
Need Help


Hello @anand_desai,

  • Remove Duplicate Rows from YOB, So that you get non-Repetitive years. put this in a list of Strings and create a folder for each year.
  • Once you get the year, get the corresponding EMP ID’s(unique Value) from YOB.xlsx, and have a lookup at Gender.Xlsx to find the gender and you extract all the details from Gender.xlsx file and create excel file on the year of the Birth folder.


thank you for solution i have removed duplicate rows and created folder for each year but not getting how to proceed further can you help me with workflow?

@NIVED_NAMBIAR Can you help me with this?

@AndersJensen @Parth_Doshi @Priyanka_Bhalere Can you guys help me with this?

This video will solve your problem: Adding Specific Columns From One Data Table To Other - YouTube


Hi @anand_desai

Check the workflow
I think this is the exact that you want (101.7 KB)

Hope it helps You
Mark it as solution if it helps

Nived N
Happy automation

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Thank You @NIVED_NAMBIAR :slightly_smiling_face: It works fine.

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